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A design collaboration between Snøhetta and Hassell is announced as the winner of an international design excellence competition to transform Harbourside in Darling Harbour into a new, iconic and inviting destination at the heart of Sydney. Property developer Mirvac's vision for Harbourside is to create one of Australia's most sustainable precincts.


The Harbourside retail centre stretches over 240 meters of water frontage within Sydney’s iconic Darling Harbour area. The mixed-use redevelopment of the site will deliver a premium shopping, hospitality and entertainment destination and a 42-storey high-end residential tower, as well as upgrades to public spaces on the waterfront and a new public square connecting the development to Pyrmont Bridge.
商业中心地处悉尼标志性的达令港区域,坐拥超过 240 米长度的临水边界。该地块的综合用途再开发将提供一个高档购物、酒店接待和娱乐功能目的地以及一座 42 层的高端住宅楼,并升级滨水公共空间和一个连接该开发项目与皮尔蒙特桥的新公共广场。

Creating a sense of belonging


The winning Snøhetta+Hassell design will reimagine the Darling Harbour waterfront for the 21st century and was selected by the jury because it embraced a vision to create a place that brings people together.


The concept for Harbourside is defined by a network of welcoming public open spaces featuring natural materials and vegetation. At its heart, the Guardian Square will become the area of Pyrmont's new neighbourhood park and community meeting place. Landscaping and moments of art and activation are planned to deliver an enlivened precinct that provides locals and visitors alike with a powerful sense of belonging, community and ownership.


Honouring traditions and the natural landscape

For thousands of years, Aboriginal people lived in and around this area which to them was an important gathering place known as Tumbalong, named after the harbour's abundance of seafood. Elements of Sydney's natural landscape have been weaved into the overall design, which includes water features flowing through sandstone, expansive terraces and productive gardens that invite ecology into the site through habitat creation.


The diverse Snøhetta+Hassell design team brought together architects, landscape architects, interior designers, art curators, product, furniture, and graphic designers, and experts in social, financial, and environmentally sustainable design and research. Complementary and integral to this team is consultant Dr Daniele Hromek from Djinjama Indigenous Corporation, who has been involved through all aspects of the design and opened up the understanding of Connection to Country. 
多元化的Snøhetta+Hassell设计团队汇集了建筑师、景观设计师、室内设计师、艺术策展人、产品、家具和平面设计师,以及社会、金融和环境可持续设计和研究方面的专家。该团队的强大补充是来自Djinjama土著公司的顾问 Daniele Hromek博士,他参与了设计的各个方面,并开启了对Connection to Country的理解。

"We are extremely proud of a design that acknowledges the historic sandstone escarpment landscape of Tumbalong, now known as Darling Harbour. This continues the tradition of shared public space, honouring the first nations Gadigal and Wangal people who saw this as shared country," says Kaare Krokene, Managing Director of Snøhetta Australasia. 
“设计追溯Tumbalong历史悠久的砂岩悬崖景观,我们对此感到非常自豪,该景观地貌现在被称为众人皆知的达令港。设计延续了共享公共空间的传统,这被视为向第一批视此为共享国家的Gadigal和Wangal民族致敬。”Snøhetta Australasia董事总经理Kaare Krokene说道。

"The landmark Sydney site has a long, rich, and layered history, which provides a unique context for world-class architecture and place-making to inspire future story creation. The intention for Harbourside is to create a contextual and timeless design that is a place for all," adds Hassell Principal Liz Westgarth.
“具有里程碑意义的悉尼遗址拥有悠久、丰富和层次分明的历史,为世界级建筑和场所营造提供了独特的背景,以激发未来的故事创作。Harbourside的目的是创造一个具有背景故事和永恒的设计,这是一个适合所有人的地方,”Hassell总监Liz Westgarth补充道。

Future-proof sustainability ambitions 

Subject to approval from the NSW State Government, Harbourside is expected to deliver approximately 24,000 square metres of office space, 7,000 square metres of retail and 350 luxury apartments. The project will also deliver 10,000 square metres of public domain, including the proposed 3,500 square metre Guardian Square, as well as a widened waterfront promenade for the community to visit and enjoy.

As Australia's first property company to achieve net carbon positive, Mirvac has ambitious plans for Harbourside to become one of Australia's most sustainable precincts, targeting a combination of 5 and 6 Star Green Star and WELL ratings.

Apartments will be designed to meet the high standards of sustainability and liveability, enhancing health and wellbeing of its residents. Next-generation office space will feature smart technology to facilitate enhanced productivity and flexibility, while an array of shops, eateries and other attractions will appeal to the precinct's diverse resident and visitor base.

Mirvac's Chief Investment Officer, Brett Draffen said, "The $2 billion redevelopment of the Harbourside precinct is a landmark project for us and we look forward to working closely with Snøhetta+Hassell, alongside government and the community, to ensure this project leaves a legacy for generations to come." 
Mirvac的首席投资官Brett Draffen表示:“耗资20亿美元的Harbourside区重建项目对我们来说是一个具有里程碑意义的项目,我们期待与Snøhetta+Hassell以及政府和社区密切合作,以确保该项目为我们的子孙后代留下遗产。”

Construction is expected to commence in 2023 once approvals are secured.